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In 2002 Leeuwestein International Survey was founded in Xanten/Lower Rhine area. The big northsea ports like Rotterdam, Antwerp and Flushingen as well as the Rhine Main area and the German Ruhr area can be reached within 1-3 hours.

Due to the practical experience as seaman and navigation officer worldwide on nearly all types of seagoing vessels the procedures and circumstances on ships and in the ports are well known.

The knowledge was broadened up in the operating department and as supercargo as well as during the construction of a car terminal in North Europe. These experiences enable us a comprehensive point of view on all relevant problems which can occure in the transportation sector.

The photos shown on this webside will give you a small view in the work we already did for a lot of worldwide acting companies.

Get in contact with us! We will support you with planning and execution of your projects on marine-, aviation-, and road transports but as well in case of loss.


You can expect the following services:

  • draw up of survey reports regarding the packing of industrial goods according the HPE-standard
  • development of transportation concepts and optimization of transport chains for every kind of transhipment
  • Pre loading and loading surveys incl. seafastening on all types of ships/barges (seagoing and inland) and the subsequent road transportations to the site incl. jacking and skidding for foundation
  • project management incl. planning of the transportation of heavy lifts as well as the risk management under consideration of loss prevention
  • draw up of stowage instructions for inland-and seagoing vessels as well as for storage areas
  • survey report regarding damage assessments (as well to be used for the legal argumentation)
  • survey reports regarding damage investigation
  • survey reports regarding loading and larceny incl. plausibility check
  • flag-state-inspections for the flag Antigua and Barbuda

All a.m. activities can be executed worldwide. The draw up of all survey reports, concepts etc. can be realized in Dutch, German and English. For further languages special translaters can be consulted to avoid misinterpretation in advice and documentation and to guarantee unambiguous formulations even in the case of complicated facts.


Who can take profit out of our service?

  • forwarders
  • stevedore companies
  • packing companies for industrial goods
  • insurances / marine underwriters
  • brokers
  • shipping companies
  • EPC´s
  • agents
  • manufacturers of petrochemical plants and electrical power stations
  • the oil and gas industry
  • the steel industry
  • the windmill industry
  • manufacturers and owners of yachts and dredgers
  • the constructional engineering industry
  • courts, prosecuting attorneys and lawyers

    A “cool” project

    The test assembly of the indian polar research station “Bharati“ was executed in summer/autumn 2011 in the port of Duisburg on a certain area. After dismantling the modules of the polar research station, containers, building machineries, pisten bullys, foodstuff etc. were brought with inland vessels and/or trucks to Antwerp. In Antwerp the Russian icebreaker m.v. Ivan Papanin was already waiting for the further transportation of the cargo to Cape Town.

    In Cape Town the project camp, fuel in tank containers as well as foodstuff were loaded on board. Finally the 2 transport helicopters landed on board on the helipad of the icebreaker and were stored and lashed in the hangar.

    On 26.10.2015 m.v. Ivan Papanin left Cape Town and arrived in Larsemann Hills/Antarctica in time. After the return to Cape Town further cargo was loaded. On 31.12.2011 m.v. Ivan Papanin left Cape Town for the second time and reached the Antarctica on schedule.

    The challenge of this project was to execute all transport activities without any time loss in accordance with the ice conditions in the Antarctica in that way that the assembly of the polar research station could be completed within the Antarctic summer of approximately 4 months only.

    The complete acceptance of the packing in consideration with the climate terms as well as the detailled nautical technical planning and supervision of the storage on board of the icebreaker according the discharging sequence for the planning of the assembly in the Antarctica as well as the ice conditions were a great challenge of this extraordinary project.


    Especially as the owner of a small or medium-sized company you appreciate the experience and competence of your long-standing employees.

    We would like to assist you to optimize the logistic procedures and the way of thinking.

    Due to the continous increasing requirements in the modern and global world of logistic, you and your employees should consolidate and extend your knowledge in order to ensure the best results of your projects.

    We would like to advise and support you with training material especially created for your company or with intensive trainings. Even the optimization of practical and logistic procedures can be a part of such trainings.

    Respective training material will be created for your company.

    Get in contact with us for a comprehensive offer.


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